I have taken some time away from writing as my efforts have been focused on getting a new organization into the world—Civilla.  The past few months have been the most joyous, energizing, challenging and humbling time in my life.

I have made the commitment to myself to start sharing out the journey and reflections.  I am calling this next chapter my ‘Field Notes‘.

Some titles that have been on my mind….

“How to start up an organization in a storage closet!”

“What happens when you combine a singer, surfer, stuntman, designer, builder, diplomat, typographer, coder, and social worker all onto one social impact project for 3 months?”

“How to build a table that changes your organization? Or at least have someone build it for you!”

“Why you might want to leave your job after 30 years and start over?”

“Why would you go backpacking in the Everglades when you are starting up a new organization?”

“Why a 53 yr old should pair with a 32 yr old when starting an organization.”

“Why every foundation and non profit executive should start an organization from scratch at some point in their life?”

“Why you might let go of something you love?”

“Social Impact Design….What the hell is that?”

My personal goal is to share these ‘field notes’ in a way that gives me joy and energy.  They may not always be pretty, clean and complete…but they will be authentic and true.  In turn, I hope you enjoy the journey and maybe even get an idea or inspiration along the way.

And finally, let me know if there is a topic you are interested in me writing about.

PS:  I just returned from Bogota, Colombia to study how the city went through its rapid transformation.  I clicked the above photo from an atrium at an amazing museum dedicated to the Colombian artist Fernando Botero.




2 thoughts

  1. Dear michael, my preferred title is the one about everyone has to build an organization from scratch in their career. It is indeed an exciting journey. Experience guides us but creativity is the key ingredient. Wish you well.

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