Walking along the water in downtown San Francisco. I came across this banner hanging on a fence.  No matter who we are, remembering someone’s name is more than icing on the cake; it is the cake.  When people feel like they are a number, an associate, or a customer doing a transaction, they loose a sense of connection and meaning.  One simple path to strengthening that bond is to remember someone’s name.

One thought

  1. This brings me to two thoughts: 1) I remember reading an NY Times article about a year before the 2012 Presidential Election about Mitt Romney. In it they interviewed several Massachusetts staffers. A common complaint was that he did not know longtime staffers and service people by name. Walked by them daily, worked with them, couldn’t introduce them to anyone. The other one is me – I struggle remembering names. I don’t know why that particularly all-important skill set wasn’t gifted me… your point makes me think, no excuses, have to give everyone the dignity of their own name. Thanks for the post Sir.

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