This photo courtesy of Sabbath Manifesto.

For a number of years I felt like I needed to pull the plug. So many channels, so little to watch. Increasingly, I found myself just not having much of a desire to watch anything on TV other than my sports teams.

My wife Joan and I made the decision while we were on a long drive together. Let’s just stop. So we picked up the phone and ended our cable feed into the house.

So what have I learned? There are three things thus far:

1. You don’t miss it as much as you would think.

2. You substitute TV time with longer conversations, books, walks, and movies.

3. The radio is powerful because you use your imagination more while listening to it.

4. The idea that you can’t have a house without all that news and information at your fingertips is a myth.

As I wrote in a past blog, I said to myself when I recently turned 50 that I was going to make decisions that focused my time on things that give me life and energy. Pulling the plug on the TV is one example of making that promise to myself a reality.

We are upon a time where most of us feel we are on overload.  Maybe this idea I recently saw could be something worth paying attention to: National Day of Unplugging.  Let me know what you learn.

What do you think?

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