I love music, but there isn’t a musical bone in my body.  I once shared that great disappointment with my Dad, and he confirmed that the music gene never quite made it to him either.  But he had the right insight when he said, “Every musician needs people who love what they create.  That is why they play.  So, you might not have a musical bone in your body, but your love of music gives those that can create reason to make something beautiful.”

My daughter, Meg, found a music gene from her mother and has brought it to life through the flute.  She does some amazing things with the instrument that just don’t seem possible.  One day I am going to find a way to record her creative genius to share with others.

In the meantime, these two artists remind me of my daughter Meg and inspire me to be unafraid to tap into my own creativity.  For me, it can be in cooking,  writing, or the way in which I lead.  The vehicle of expression doesn’t matter so much, but rather to have the courage to step into your own creative capacity, however big or small, and let it rip.

What do you think?

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