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It’s the big, hot, cool, trendy thing to do.  It’s even got a fancy name – “Urban Poultry Farming.”  Are you in on it?  Well we are, and at first we didn’t even know it.

We thought we had just given into one of the 9 million ideas our son is constantly presenting us with. “Please, please, please can we get chickens?”  Believing our parental response was a very clever way of saying no, without saying no – “What a fun, great idea, but sorry, that is not allowed where we live.”

Well, our enterprising son quickly found out that, in fact, it is allowed. It turns out that a group of interested citizens in Chapel Hill banded together in 2009 to get an ordinance changed that now allows up to 10 backyard chickens (and for those whose minds quickly went to the Rooster question – nope, only chickens, as it appears the town understands that friendly 5:30 am wake up cock-a-doodle-dos might be a problem).

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