Author’s note: My 88-year-old father is also a Catholic priest.  As a widower, he entered the seminary at age 62 after running his own business for years.  At age 65, he graduated with his master’s degree in theology and was ordained a Catholic Priest.  His experiences of growing up in the depression, serving in WWII in China, raising six kids, having 18 grandchildren, and running his own business has given him insight, wisdom and a great sense of humor about life.  Here I share short wisdoms from my Father the Father.

I remember one day walking out of his home and giving him a big bear hug.  As I hugged him, I said, “Dad, you are my hero.”  He stepped back and said, “Just remember Mike, be careful to put someone on a pedestal because we all walk with clay feet.”

That was his way of saying that we all are fragile.  We all are vulnerable.  We should remember that everyone in life carries great burdens and difficulties.  In other words, we are all human.  I try to remember that each day….”We all walk with clay feet.”

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